About Us!

WELCOME to the SchultzFarmAndGarden.com website!

We are Scott and Melissa Schultz, the owners and operators of Schultz Farm & Garden. We started this business in 2005, and purchased it as a very simply operated Aspen tree farm. There were extensive renovations to be made to the general operations of the business, including updating the irrigation and amending the fields with a better, healthier soil. Growing in the best soil we can create is a continuous project for us. We partner with local breweries in using their beer waste in the fields, also with local farmers for their horse manure.

With success in our first 2 years, we were ready to take on more. In 2007, we had the opportunity to purchase Dave Kimmel Nursery. We also are the owners of Schultz Landscapes, LLC, and had been buying plants from Dave for years. We understood his long standing, strong reputation for quality plant material with excellent customer service, and were honored to be given the chance to keep that alive, and also to expand our operations. With the purchase of Dave’s business, we expanded our inventory, and again made improvements to our property here to create a cleaner, more organized sales yard for customers to browse.

Today, and always, we strive to create a welcome, informative, and enjoyable shopping experience for you. We hope to continue expanding and offering more products and services in the years to come. We look forward to helping you with your planting needs.